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Upcoming services will be online only.  This page will periodically be updated as the situation develops.

A message about COVID-19

Updated: Wednesday, May 20th

Last week we emailed out a survey that showed us that 70 percent of our church is ready to return. As a church, we have no set date for reopening but we do plan on opening in phases as the governor lifts the guidelines. We desire to love our neighbors and maintain our gospel witness. 

The mission of our church has not changed -- and we are NOT CLOSED. God is using this time, I believe, to allow His church to become more nimble and strategic in our approach to making disciples. We’ve been blown away by the service, generosity, and love that has continued to be demonstrated by our church. 

Tentatively, we will move through the pending phases set by our governor in the following phases when they are allowed: 

  1. reestablish groups (this is when we will allow and encourage groups to meet again) 

  2. launch home churches (we want to encourage home church gatherings of 25-50 people) 

  3. family reunion (this is when we will come together as a church in our building) 

While we do not have a current and established timeline this is what we are praying for and working for in the coming days. 

I am so thankful that we haven’t stopped being the church in the middle of all of this.  As a church, we have had to be innovative with how to hold church, and we will continue coming up with new strategies with the mission in mind.  The mission of helping people who are forgotten and far from God.  We are committed to this mission because it is what Jesus told us to do! Our future is bright, and we have great days ahead of us! I look forward to seeing you in person very soon!

Moving Forward in Faith, 
Pastor’s Jayson, John, and Mike 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the church office at 815.469.0152